Alicia Danielle sample album

Alicia Danielle  had me create this beautiful 10x10 sample album. I have designed many albums for her clients and it was time she get her own sample! This is the terra distressed leather with the woodland etching. I love the etching patterns that are available for the leathers. They are chosen less often due to no writing allowed on the cover, but they are an awesome and very unique option!


Why pay for a professional album designer and why does it cost so much? Great question!
1. Saving you time and hassle of figuring it out yourself! Trust me I know... it used to take me hours upon hours to make an album. Why not pay a little extra and take that hassle out of your life? All you have to do is pick out what pictures you want and email them to me!
2. High quality heirloom! I print primarily from Millers Lab which uses premium paper and printers. These are not your average mixbook, shutterfly, or costco books. Trust me. You will be so impressed with the caliber, durability, and professionalism. These albums/books are not cheap to print!
3. Great and fast customer service. I do most albums or books the day of so you can be holding yours the week you order it! I put a lot of time and effort into each spread making sure it looks elegant, unique, and then provide complimentary revisions for whatever changes you want.

With all that being said I have tried my best to make these …

Hello! I'm Elizabeth Tea!

Hello Visitors! Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I used to have a website, but I think this just fits me better for staying updated:)

I live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I was married to my husband Jason in 2015, and in December 2016 we had our baby girl Bridget. We are in love with her.

Jason is a full time accountant and a part time river guide on the Grand Canyon. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and work part time in an elementary school.

I love to ski, hike, do yoga, cook, join Jason on river trips, and travel! In one calendar year I visited every continent except Antarctica which I'm quite proud of.  Now I spend all my time with my baby girl!

Why albums? I have been in love with scrapbooking since my mom made me scrapbooks when I was a little girl. She spent hours printing out pictures, and taping them to pages. She did every year of my life until I was 18. Now that I'm an adult I so admire and appreciate that! I continued this by doing online photo albums for e…

For Photographers!!

Hello Photographers!

Do you want to offer your clients albums but don't want to do it yourself? Don't want to figure out design software? Which company to print from? Pricing? Well I want to work with you!!

There are a couple ways of making this happen. Read through the options and then send me an email and lets discuss which way works best for you.

1. Simpy refer clients my way when they ask about albums. Send them my email, or to this blog, or my instagram

2. Refer clients to me (and make sure they mention your name) and we come up with a pricing sheet just for you that is a certain % higher then what I charge. Once your client completes their order I will send you (venmo or paypal) a portion of the profit.

3. Add albums to your wedding packages or al la carte.  You can choose what album to offer from my pricing list. Email me for this list!
The client will pay you, and then after pictures are delivered to the clie…

Dannah's wedding book

"Thank you @albumsbyelizabeth we absolutely love it! It is perfect and working with you was a dream! We can't wait to treasure this for the rest of our lives!" 
Dannah had me make her wedding book just in time for their one year anniversary. It was a surprise for her husband! I think this is such a great idea and the perfect anniversary gift.  It is a 10x10 in bonded grey leather with gold foil stamping. The pictures are by Kelsey Shirley Photography and the Arizona golf course location is just spectacular!

Michelle Scott's sample engagement book

"Love the book. They both look fantastic." 
Michelle Scott had me design a sample book for her of an amazing engagement session out to an island! Her book is a 10x10 with sand linen cover and black debossing.