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Michelle's wedding book

My good friend Michelle had a beautiful wedding this summer and I wasn't able to attend it. :/
So I loved making her wedding book! She had beautiful engagement and bridals, a LDS temple ceremony, awesome bike ride in the mtns with friends, then a fun party up the canyon. All pictures by Gabby Richins of @burlapandblossom
Her book is a 10x10 with faux tan leather and gold debossing.

Jeff's family book

Jeff and his wife wanted me to do a family book for this baby girl who was just turning 1!! She is a little cutie. It is a 10x10 with faux blue leather and silver debossing.

Mary and Matt's wedding book

My cousin Mary married Matt last year and she had me make their wedding book to surprise him for their anniversary this Saturday!
It is a 10x10 with sand linen and gold debossing.

My 89 year old Grandpa's wedding album:)

My Grandpa Judge (we always called him that because he is a retired federal Judge) got remarried this past month after my sweet Grandma died last year. I am so glad he found Sue to spend his time with and start new adventures! They are both active, happy, and love eachother. They didn't have a professional photographer so the pics themselves are mediocre, but I wanted to make him this wedding album as a gift. After all, how often does your 89 year old Grandpa get married??
I can't wait to give it to him in New York in two weeks!

Alex's wedding album

"Hi Elizabeth. I received it and LOVE it! We're on a family vacation and brought it and everyone here loves it too. I know Ryan's mom wants a book so I'll pass along your info. Thank you!" - Alex
Alex was referred to me by Giving Tree Photography who is a fabulous photographer! Her album is blush leather with gold debossing in a size 10x10.