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Heather Govert wedding book

"The wedding book is beautiful! Something about seeing my pictures in print really brings them to life and all the memories from that day! I was emotional all over again even though I've seen the pictures." - Heather
Heather had such a stunning wedding! Her photographer Jodi @ givingtreephotography is so super talented and I'm so glad she's referring her clients to me! Heather had a beautiful outdoor ceremony and I love all her bridal pictures under the giant trees. And check out that bridal party!

Her book is a 10x10 with tundra linen cover and silver debossing.

Kevyn boudoir album

This boudoir is so classy and sexy, and everything perfect about a boudoir shoot! I just love it.

Kevyn Dixon senior portfolio album

If I could do a senior shoot again I would want Kevyn to be my photographer!

Kevyn Dixon sample wedding album

I love Kevyn's sample wedding album. How beautiful are these pages?? She is such a talented photographer, and I can't even believe she JUST graduated college!