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Robin Kent wedding book

Robin had me design her son's wedding as a gift for her son and daughter in law! What a thoughtful and treasured gift. And then she purchased a duplicate for herself:)  She got a 12x12 with 100 pages! There have only been a few occasions where someone gets the max 100 pages and I think it's so great.  Their photographer was Jenna Routh who is so talented. So many pretty spreads in this book!

My Wedding Book

I have wanted to make myself a wedding book with my engagements, bridals, and wedding day. We took our engagements at Silver Lake, Brighton with beautiful fall colors! Our bridal pics were taken at Willow Heights which is a steep hike up to a lake. We were chased by bull moose! That's another story but these pics by my sister in law Lizzie turned out great. And then our wedding took place at the Salt Lake temple and we had the funnest reception at the McCune Mansion.  I made it a 12x12 book with a tusk linen cover and gold debossing. The books are so nice and such a good deal for the price. This book is 62 pages and I'm so happy about it! Wedding day photography by Lindsey Shaun.  

Madie Allen client Katie's wedding book

Madie Allen photographed the most beautiful wedding for Katie & Kevin in the mountains of Alta, Utah. Her wedding book is a 10x10 with white bonded leather and gold debossing and 60 pages. I love when brides invest in big books! Totally worth it!