For Photographers!!

Hello Photographers!

Do you want to offer your clients albums but don't want to do it yourself? Don't want to figure out design software? Which company to print from? Pricing? Well I want to work with you!!

There are a couple ways of making this happen. Read through the options and then send me an email and lets discuss which way works best for you.

1. Simpy refer clients my way when they ask about albums. Send them my email, or to this blog, or my instagram

2. Refer clients to me (and make sure they mention your name) and we come up with a pricing sheet just for you that is a certain % higher then what I charge. Once your client completes their order I will send you (venmo or paypal) a portion of the profit.

3. Add albums to your wedding packages or al la carte.  You can choose what album to offer from my pricing list. Email me for this list!
The client will pay you, and then after pictures are delivered to the client you can send us both an email that says "Hey Emily, this is Elizabeth my album designer. She is going to create your album and take it from here. Please contact me if you have any questions or problems."  I will then take over and you can send me the $$. If your client wants to upgrade they can pay me directly.

You can also be the middle man of this process if you prefer to do so and want to be involved in the revisions and ordering.

4. Add an "album print credit" amount to your wedding packages. After the pics are done refer your client to me with their print credit amount and they can choose what they want for themseves from me!

5. I can do the design work only and send it back to you.  Have an album company you already love but don't want to do the design work? No problem. I charge $80 for the first 10 spreads and then $4 each additional spread.
I print my albums and books primarily through Millers Lab, but I'd be up for printing through your company if you want me to take over the whole process! I have an account with KISS, Red Tree, ProDPI, Heirloom Bindery, Lush, Finao, Design Aglow, Artifact Uprising, Cypress, and Renaissance Albums.

Which option do I prefer? Probably #3 and then me taking over after pics are delivered. The reason is because brides are way more likely to purchase the album as a package while wedding planning. After the wedding brides don't want to spend their own money. And I think the process is easier on you if you don't have to be the middle man :)

However,  I want you to decide what is easiest for you in this order process! So lets talk!
I would also love to make you a sample to show clients. I have learned that photographers who show off their sample have higher sales. And it's a great way to show off your portfolio!
 Album samples start at about $110, and books about $55. This goes up with size and cover choices.

Thanks so much for reading!



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